Collar Genk

Color : According to the color chart (1 - light blue, 2 - dark blue, 3 - pink, 4 - dark pink, 5 - red, 6 - purple, 7 - gold, 8 - brown, 9 - dark green, 10 - black). For different color, make a note.

Width: optional - 5cm, 5.5cm, 6cm, 6.5cm (jewelry size 4 x 14cm)

Softened decorated leash: Leash length 130 cm, width 2 cm (other parameters can be selected in the leash section).

Type of closing : 1. Martingale (width 2.5 cm), 2. Metal Side Release Bruckle (width 2.5 cm), 3. Buckle (The size you specify is for the third of the five holes. Each hole is 1.5 cm apart. Bruckle is 2cm wide)

Description: The collar is sewn from fabric and decorated with jewelry. Fabric collars are suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. It is softened for the comfort of your dog. The collar is anatomically shaped to suit the dog's neck. The narrowing in the closing part prevents to movement on the neck and thus the collar fits as it should.

Fittings: Silver color (possible load capacities are shown in the attached photo).

Collar Genk

PriceFrom Kč700.00
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