Adjustable turquoise collar

Width : 2.5cm, 4cm or 5cm.

Length : 20-30cm, 26-37cm or 33-48cm.

Collar style : Half pull collar, Martingale collar or metal click buckle collar.

Description : The collar is made of cotton fabric. The base is a solid strap, which is sewn with fabric. The collars have the same functionality and strength as the widely used nylon products, but also offer an attractive appearance thanks to a wide range of designs. Machine washable at 30 ° C.

Fittings : Silver color.

The buckles are cast and have a breaking load: for a width of 2.5cm = 100kg, for a width of 4cm = 60kg, for a width of 5cm = 70kg.

It is possible to choose buckles with a higher breaking load (write it into the optional note for the product): for a width of 2.5cm = 200kg, for a width of 4cm = 120kg, for a width of 5cm = 80kg).

The D ring is welded and has a breaking load over 200kg for all collar widths.

Adjustable turquoise collar